Some weeks ago I wrote that we have started experimenting with Trello to support our development process. By now I can clearly state that Zemanta has caught a Trello bug. I’ve seen many process support tools in my lifetime, from MOS that I’ve developed myself at Monolit to Jira that we have used at What sets Trello apart from other such tools is that developers actually enjoy using it. We’ve pretty much left adoption of Trello functionalities to developers themselves and, quite to my surprise, they’ve started to use advanced functionalities, such as commenting and attachements, all by themselves.

Trello is a very open-ended product. It just gives you boards and cards, and how you organize your workflow, is pretty much up to you. Trello also doesn’t have any analysis and reporting functionalities, but since it has an excellent API, we are in the process of developing them ourselves using Google Apps Scripts. Right now we are experimenting with the Trello workflow that would work best for us. I hope that in a few months our process will become as mature as the one used at UserVoice and that is described in the following article:

How we run our agile dev process using only Trello and Google Docs

Stories about launching and running a startup (while maintaining some semblance of sanity) How we use Trello & Google Docs to make UserVoice better every day Like us on Facebook Join Us on Google+ Last fall I returned from vacation to find that our Product Manager, Dejana, had replaced my precious Google Doc “Roadmap” with a Trello board.

We need this to understand how you use our service - you can take it out if you like. Cheers, your Blogspire team.


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