I’m spending a week in our New York office on my way to SIGIR in Portland.

Without planning it ahead I’ve arrived just in time to catch the last day of BlogHer’12 conference where Zemanta is also exhibiting.

BlogHer has become a premier conference on blogging in the USA with more than 5000 attendees. The conference was officially opened with a video keynote by Barack Obama and there were several celebrities such as Katie Couric and Christy Turlington among the speakers. Additionally, in the exhibition hall brands were giving away so much of swag as I haven’t seen at any other conference. It’s obvious that brands in USA fully understand the power of bloggers and the influence they have on the general public.

And since attendees of the BlogHer are almost exclusively female, I’ve rather skipped official party. It looked like the attack of Amazons.

Blogging is by no means domain of only middle-america stay at home moms. Also some of the most beautiful women in the world are blogging.

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