Terminating things

Hiring people, initiating projects, or founding an organization is easy. You give jobs to people, you disperse money, and everybody loves you. But it’s much more tough firing people, terminating projects, or cut useless bureaucracy. You’ll make lifelong enemies, people will initiate smear campaigns againsts you, and there are seldom any immediate benefits for you. Because terminating things is not easy most managers, founders, politicians, sport coaches, and others in charge wait with tough decisions until they are pushed against the wall and are left with no other option.

The strategy I personally use in such situations is to imagine what could be, not only what it is. I imagine what great people could we hire, if we make room in the budget for them. I imagine how faster we could push a promising initiative, if our resources wouldn’t be tied in hopeless projects. I imagine what great users could we support, if we wouldn’t be stuck with existing low potential customers.

These rationalizations help in making terminating decisions. But to take action, the most effective strategy seems to be to look at one’s paycheck, ownership share, or vote tally. The tough choices you have to make are the reason why you’re getting higher wage, larger stake, or more votes.

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